Nomadix Towel Review: Is It Worth the Price?

The Nomadix Towel is a unique and innovative towel designed specifically with travelers and outdoor adventurers in mind. Made from quick-drying recycled materials, this towel aims to provide superior absorption and durability while remaining lightweight and compact.

In this review, we’ll cover the key features, product specs, pros and cons, care instructions, buying guide and alternatives so you can determine if this towel is right for your or not.


Nomadix was founded by three friends inspired by a road trip adventure across the United States. Frustrated by bulky towels that never seemed to dry, they set out to create a better travel towel. Now Nomadix offers towels made entirely from post-consumer recycled materials that are absorbent, compact, lightweight and fast-drying.

Key Features

Here are some of the standout features:

  • Highly absorbent – Made from recycled plastic microfibers, the Nomadix Towel is engineered to soak up a lot of water while preventing dripping.
  • Fast drying – The towel is designed to dry quickly, taking just minutes to become dry to the touch after use. This prevents bacteria growth.
  • Compact and packable – All Nomadix Towels compress down small to fit into bags and packs. They take up little space when not in use.
  • Lightweight – Ranging from just 2-16 ounces, the towels are lightweight and easy to take anywhere.
  • Versatile – Available in multiple sizes, Nomadix Towels can be used for travel, camping, beach days, yoga, and more.
  • Sand resistant – The microfiber material prevents sand from clinging to the towel. Shaking it out easily removes sand.

Pros and Cons

Absorbs water quicklyCan have a slight odor at first (goes away with washing)
Dries fast to prevent odorsNot as soft or fluffy as regular towels
Compact and packable for travelThinner than some may prefer
Lightweight and easy to carryCan snag if not cared for properly
Soft and comfortable microfiber materialDoesn’t work well for drying thick or long hair
Sand resistant and shakes sand off easilyOnly comes in smaller sizes (no bath towels)
Towel hanging to dry after use.

Towel Sizes

Original72.5” x 30”16 oz$40
Ultralight54” x 29.5”8 oz$30
Mini40” x 15.5”4 oz$28
Bandana23” x 23”2 oz$26

User Experience and Reviews


Many users praise the towel for its excellent absorbency and quick drying time. They say it soaks up a lot of water while remaining lightweight. Users also love how compact it is for travel and outdoor activities.

Most agree the towel lives up to its claims of being highly absorbent, fast-drying and sand-resistant. The quality and durability exceed expectations for many customers as well.


Some negative feedback on the towel includes complaints about odor at first use that requires washing prior to use. Others feel the towel has an unsatisfying thinness and lacks the plushness of regular cotton towels.

There are also reports of pilling and snagging when not cared for properly. For those with long or thick hair, the Nomadix may not work well as a hair towel. The lack of larger bath towel sizes is another downside for some.

Here are some reviews you can find them on their website.

“Love love love the nomadix towels. Pack up small and dry quickly. Just what I was looking for.”

5/5 Rating.

“Love it! Great quality and can’t wait to give for gift.”

5/5 Rating.

“Great drying along with the other stuff.”

5/5 Rating.

Towel Caring Instructions

Caring properly for your towel will help it last for years of regular use. Here are some instructions:

  • Wash before first use – Wash the towel with like colors prior to first use to avoid any potential bleeding of excess dye.
  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle – Wash your towel in cold water with similar colors to avoid damaging the microfibers.
  • Hang dry or tumble dry low – Always hang dry or tumble dry on low heat to prevent shrinking. High heat can damage the material.
  • Avoid bleach and fabric softener – Do not use bleach or fabric softener on the Nomadix Towel as they can break down the fibers.
  • Watch for snags – Be cautious of Velcro, zippers, and other objects that could snag the towel when wet. This can cause pulls.
  • Shake out sand – Rinse the towel in water and gently shake out as much sand as possible after beach use before washing.
Nomadix towel Towel draped over a camping chair near a tent.

Buying Guide

Buy Nomadix Towels directly from the company’s website or on Amazon. They offer worldwide shipping.

The towels typically retail for $26-$40 depending on size. The company occasionally offers sales and promotions on their website and through third party retailers like Amazon and Moosejaw.

Nomadix also sells towel bundles and multi-packs on their site which can be a more economical option. The towels are available in a wide range of fun colors and prints to suit any style.

Return Policy

  • Exchanges are not offered by Nomadix.
  • Merchandise must be unwashed, unused, and unworn with original packaging to be eligible for returns. Promotional and sale items are final sale.
  • Returns must be initiated through their Returns Portal within 30 days of delivery. Shipping charges are non-refundable.
  • Return shipping costs will be deducted from refunds.
  • Use the Returns Portal as well for any defective or damaged items.

Refer to the Nomadix website for full details on their return policy.


Here are a few alternative towels to consider if you want something different:

  • Dock & Bay Beach Towel – More luxurious feeling microfiber beach towel at a higher price point.
  • Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Towel – Absorbent with good dry time. Can have more odor over time
  • Cotton Beach Towels – If you prefer real cotton, amazon offers nice oversized cotton beach towels.

Final Verdict

After extensive research, we highly recommend the Nomadix Towel for travelers, campers, beach-goers, and anyone seeking a quick-drying towel option. While the price is higher than basic towels, most feel it is justified by the performance and eco-friendly production. Minor drawbacks like potential snags can be avoided with reasonable care.


  • All information is sourced from Nomadix Website


Are Nomadix towels good for hot yoga?

Nomadix towels are a great choice for hot yoga because they can handle all the sweat. They are made from a special material that soaks up sweat quickly and dries fast. This is important for hot yoga because you will sweat a lot. Plus, they have a non-slip grip so they won’t slide around on your mat, even when you’re working up a sweat.

How fast do Nomadix towels dry?

Nomadix towels are super absorbent and dry very quickly. They’re made from a special material that can soak up water much faster than regular towels. This means you can use them to dry off after a swim or shower and they’ll be ready to use again in no time.

How do you clean Nomadix towels?

You can machine wash Nomadix towels on cold with a gentle detergent. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry on low heat or hang to dry.

Are Nomadix towels antimicrobial?

Yes, Nomadix towels are antimicrobial, which means they help prevent bacteria and mold from growing on them. This is important for towels because they are often used in places where bacteria and mold can thrive, such as the beach, yoga studio, or gym.

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