How to Stop Paper Towels from Unrolling

Are you annoyed that paper towels keep unrolling and making a mess in your kitchen? You’re not alone. Lots of people have dealt with this problem. But don’t worry, there are simple ways to stop this from happening and keep your kitchen tidy.

In this guide, we’ll figure out why paper towels keep rolling out and most importantly, learn effective ways to stop it from happening. By the end of this article, you’ll know how to keep your paper towels in place, saving you both time and annoyance.

Understanding Why Paper Towels Unroll

Root Cause:

The cylindrical design and lightweight nature of paper towel rolls are the primary culprits behind their tendency to unroll. Even the slightest movement or breeze can trigger the unrolling process, leading to unnecessary waste and frustration. Additionally, cheaper, lower-quality paper towels are often less tightly wound, making them more prone to unrolling.

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Consequences of Unrolling:

Aside from the obvious inconvenience, unrolling paper towels can lead to unnecessary waste and mess. Not only does it use more paper towels than necessary, but it also makes a mess that needs extra cleaning up. This not only increases your home costs but also affects the environment.

5 Effective Ways to Stop Paper Towels Unrolling

Here are some simple, practical ways to keep paper towel rolls in place:

1. Using a Paper Towel Holder

Investing in a paper towel holder is one of the most effective solutions to prevent paper towels from unraveling. A paper towel holder provides stability and keeps the roll in place, preventing it from unwinding. Choose a holder with a sturdy base and a spring-loaded arm for easy tearing of paper towels.

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2. Using a Rubber Band

Rubber bands are another handy tool for keeping paper towels from unrolling. Simply wrap a rubber band around the paper towel roll to secure it in place. This inexpensive solution works well and is easily adjustable to accommodate different roll sizes. Keep a stash of rubber bands in your kitchen drawer for quick and easy use whenever needed.

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3. Secure with a Hair Clip

Hair clips, particularly large ones, can also be used to keep paper towels from unrolling. Simply clip the hair clip onto the edge of the paper towel roll to hold it in place.

4. Store Rolls Vertically

Storing them vertically instead of horizontally can also minimize the risk of unrolling. Place the paper towel roll straight up in a storage container or on a shelf to keep it stable and secure. Vertical storage reduces the chance of accidental movement and makes it easier to tear off individual sheets without unraveling the whole roll.

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5. Use a Dispenser

Opting for a paper towel dispenser adds an extra layer of protection against unrolling. Choose a dispenser with a secure lid that keeps the paper towels enclosed when not in use. This prevents unrolling and protects the paper towels from dust and debris, ensuring they remain clean and hygienic.

Additional Tips

Here are some other quick tips to prevent paper towel rolls from unraveling:

  • Choose high-quality paper towels that are tightly wound and more durable.
  • When tearing off sheets, avoid excessive tugging that could loosen the roll.
  • Keep paper towel rolls out of reach of pets and children to minimize the risk of accidental unrolling. Store them in a secure location.


Unrolling paper towels may seem like an unavoidable nuisance, but several effective and convenient solutions can keep them neatly in place. Following the tips outlined above will help minimize waste, mess, and frustration from this common kitchen problem.

Test out a few methods to find the best fit for your home and cleaning habits. With the right strategy, you can stop paper towel rolls from unraveling and enjoy an organized, clutter-free kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do paper towels unroll easily?

The most likely reason your paper towels keep unrolling is that you have low-quality paper towels. Cheaper paper towel brands often have loose rolling that can easily unravel with small movements. Switching to higher quality, more tightly rolled paper towels can help stop the unrolling problem.

Can I stop paper towels unrolling without buying anything?

Yes, you can take some simple steps to stop paper towels from unrolling, like storing them vertically or securing them with a rubber band you already have at home. Also, placing them in a spot where they won’t get knocked around can be helpful too. These methods are effective and don’t require purchasing anything extra.

Is it better to store paper towels vertically or horizontally?

It’s generally better to store paper towels vertically. This helps maintain their shape and prevents them from unraveling too easily.


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